Hello and welcome to Off Balanced, a blog dedicated to cerebral palsy. The blog’s name “Off Balanced” corresponds with the title of my upcoming book Off Balanced, soon to be released on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Off Balanced the book serves as my teenage memoir where I share how growing up with a mild case of CP affected me socially. As a title “Off Balanced” provides a pun, playing off the idea of poor physical balance to suggest mental instability.

Blog-wise the title “Off Balanced” still works as a pun, indicating my blog’s goal to throw misconceptions about cerebral palsy and other disabilities off balance. I plan to address these different preconceived notions in detail while also introducing you to various individuals I’ve had the opportunity as a disability beat writer to learn about and interact with over the past few years. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about blues musician Jake Nielsen, professional wrestler Gregory Iron, and others as much as I’ve enjoyed interviewing and writing about them.

Before I conclude today’s introductory post I want to ease any concerns. This will not be a platform for lecturing able-bodied individuals about how they mistreat the disabled population or a place filled with rants from an oversensitive person. I sincerely believe misconceptions regarding disabilities stem from lacking inclusion and NOT malicious attitudes. With time you will also notice I’m a laid back individual who enjoys sarcasm. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to our blogger-reader relationship budding. To steal a few words from the band P.O.D. “Goodbye for now.” 🙂

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