Book News: Off Balanced Sneak Peak Preview Now Available

Do you have a disability? The soon to be released Off Balanced gives you a knowing nod to reassure you you’re not alone. Do you have a classmate with a disability? Take a minute and think about life from his or her perspective by planning to read Off Balanced. Here’s an official synopsis for the teenage memoir:

Off Balanced dives into the thoughts of a teenager with the neurological disability cerebral palsy. Just like how CP can throw one off balance physically, the condition can create mental unsteadiness. Learn how less than stellar balance, muscle tightness, and other cerebral palsy symptoms influence the emotional teenage mindset. From coping with the disability and relating to classmates to building self-confidence and making friends Off Balanced provides first hand insight about teenage life with CP.     

The soon to be released teenage memoir will initially be available for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Nobles Nook. Select individuals in the disability community already received advanced copies, welcoming the book with praise. Author John W. Quinn (@johnwquinn), who shares his story about overcoming cerebral palsy to enjoy a highly successful 20 year naval career in his book Someone Like Me, says “Off Balanced should be required reading in every high school in America.” Disability activist Anita Cameron (@adaptanita) ensures the memoir will transcend the cerebral palsy community and resonate with individuals living with other disabilities stating “I think that most people with other disabilities (than cerebral palsy) would see quite a bit of themselves in Zachary in the way that he carried himself and in the way that he approached life.”

To get a sneak peak preview of Off Balanced go to and click the “Off Balanced Sneak Peak Preview” icon. Stay tuned to this blog for news about the official press release coming soon!



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