Book News: Blogosphere Buzz for Off Balanced

Last week positive feedback from my book Off Balanced spread to the blogosphere. Sarah Gwyn who runs the blog Walk Daniel Walk Daniel offered me the opportunity to write a guest blog post. Sarah’s blog primarily focuses on parenting young children with cerebral palsy. In my post however I ask her readers to “fast forward 10 or 12 years so your loveable child now resembles a moody teenager.” I share my advice on how to balance parental safety concerns with your independence seeking teen, illustrating my points with passages from Off Balanced. Please take a few minutes and read the post “My First Guest Post!

Did you enjoy the post? I sure hope so.  Personally I greatly appreciated Sarah’s words (below) from the post’s opening and conclusion and I wish to take this time to publicly thank Sarah for the opportunity to promote my book on Walk Daniel Walk Daniel.

“I am so happy Zach agreed to author a guest post on my blog!  He is inspiring to me and so many others… I guess I can learn much from Zach… we all can.”

Moving forward, author Neil Matheson reviewed Off Balanced for his Daddy Bent-Legs blog. Last year for Yahoo! Voices I reviewed Matheson’s memoir which shares the same title as his blog. Pause another moment to read my review “Book Review: Daddy Bent-Legs by Neil Matheson.” Feeling too lazy to read the entire review? While I shouldn’t pander to your inactivity, here’s my conclusion on Neil’s  book “I recommend Daddy Bent-Legs to anyone interested in understanding more about life with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.” I enjoyed my fellow author’s Off  Balanced review for his comparison between our two  stories. Neil establishes  the basis for his review writing:

“Zach’s book is a memoir too, and of course I could relate to a lot of his own musings about living with Cerebral Palsy. What I found most interesting, however, is how much our stories differ.”

See how Neil expands on this and read his entire Off Balanced review. Overall Matheson calls Off Balanced “a great read for all ages.” I thank Neil for his praise and furthermore for supporting my disability awareness Twitter efforts.



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