Book News: New Reviews and More!

New reviews for my teenage memoir Off Balanced continue to emerge at a steady pace. Today I wish to share reviews from Disability Horizons and Easter Seals Crossroads. Disability Horizons’ vision statement reads “To create a positive, interesting and useful disability related magazine with articles and resources to help people with disabilities achieve whatever they wish.” Easter Seals Crossroads provides various helpful services  to individuals with disabilities. Before I provide links to both reviews I wanted to share a couple sentences from the Disability Horizons’ review written by Sarah Ismail. Sarah does an excellent job summarizing Off Balanced with the following.

“Unlike all the other autobiographies of writers with cerebral palsy I have read, this book does not focus on disability, the search for a cure or treatment systems. It is simply a well written, modern story of an ordinary, American teenager who happens to be disabled.”

I hope you take the time to read the full review “Book Review: Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell” as well as the Easter Seals Crossroads’ Off Balanced review written by Sara Croft. Don’t just trust the reviews though. Form you own opinions by previewing Off Balanced. For those who already read my book (especially those who liked  it ;)) share your thoughts by writing a customer review on either the Amazon or Nook websites.

More reviews remain lined up so keep an eye out on those in the coming weeks. Additionally, this past week Rob Pritts interviewed me about Off Balanced for his ABLE PATHWAYS podcast. We discussed some interesting stuff such as dating with a disability and empowering individuals with handicaps. The interview should go live a week from today. When posted look for the link here or from my Twitter account (@zacharyfenell). In the meantime visit the ABLE PATHWAYS website and listen to some archived shows.

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