Book News: Interviews

Today I’m happy to share with my readers news on some interviews I’ve been doing to help promote my book Off Balanced. As I mentioned in my last “Book News” post January 28th Able Pathways’ Rob Pritts recently interviewed me. The Able Pathways podcast featuring our interview is now live on the show’s website. Beyond Off Balanced, we discuss disability awareness in general and dating with a disability. I will actually be providing a guest blog post to the Able Pathways website soon expanding on the topic of dating with a disability. Of course when that is done and up I’ll post a link here. For now listen to our interview. Also, feel free to search through Rob’s four seasons of archived shows.

Able Pathways logo PrtSC

I had a great time on the Able Pathways show talking to Rob Pritts.

Moving on, Vicki Niswander from the east central Illinois radio show Disability Beat interviewed me earlier this week about Off Balanced. We thoroughly discussed my book so listeners will get a great idea of what my teenage memoir contains. The interview aired on WEFT Champaign 90.1 FM Wednesday, Feb. 8th. If you missed the broadcast, the podcast will become available on the Disability Beat website Saturday, Feb. 11th. Again, check back here at the Off Balanced blog for the upcoming link. A special shout out goes to Vince Staskel for helping to get the Able Pathways and Disability Beat interviews scheduled.

I’m also excited to announce reporter Jeff Piorkowski from my town’s local newspaper The Sun Messenger interviewed me Wednesday, Feb. 8th. The prospect of being featured in the neighborhood newspaper I’ve grown up with is incredibly awesome. Jeff and I discussed Off Balanced and my life story in general. Yes, I realize those two topics overlap a lot. 🙂 I’m under the impression Jeff’s story on me will run in the Thursday, Feb. 16th Sun Messenger but I have yet to confirm this. Don’t fret though, I’ll keep you updated.



One comment on “Book News: Interviews

  1. I have a disability too, CP. As of right now, I’m in the process of writing a book as well in order to share the challenges that I’ve overcome. The fact that you wrote a book concerned with disability and were able to get it published gives me hope.

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