Book News: Positive Reviews Continue

I’m thrilled to sit here at my computer and share with you that my book Off Balanced continues to receive strong reviews, the latest of which coming from bloggers Sarah (Stand Tall Through Everything) and Tina (Living with Cerebral Palsy). Sarah begins her review confessing

“I’m not good at giving honest reviews of things like books, movies, TV shows, etc. Actually I can manage the honest part; it’s the in-depth & detailed parts I have trouble with. So when I was asked to review Off Balanced (available on Nook or Kindle) by Zachary Fenell I figured I’d give reviewing another shot.”

I found Sarah’s review well written so I’m glad she gave reviewing another chance. And no, I’m not just saying that because Sarah says about Off Balanced “It’s rare to find a book that’s so relatable yet so different from your own life that you want to keep reading & see it through to the finish. But this is one of those rare books.”  Read Sarah’s complete review- Off Balanced: A Review.

Amazon Kindle

Do you own a Kindle or Nook? Have you purchased Off Balanced yet?

Moving on, Tina also found Off Balanced relatable. She writes “I don’t want to squeal and give the book away, before you have a chance to read it. Let’s just say, it brought back memories, both good and bad, from eons ago.” If you want more details on what’s in Off Balanced I suggest you visit where the podcast from Vicki Niswander’s interview with me is now up. Vicki and I talk in detail about my book’s contents.

Anyways back to the reviews, here’s a link to Tina’s full review Off Balanced: A Good Read. To end today’s post I leave you with these words from Tina’s review:

“The Kindle edition is only $5.99. It is a good and quick read. And . . . I can just about guarantee you will want him to get busy on that sequel!”

*Pesky Blogger’s Note: Off Balanced can also be purchased for the Nook at the $5.99 price tag.

2 comments on “Book News: Positive Reviews Continue

  1. Sarah says:

    Does this mean you’re giving me a positive review on my review?
    Either way, all too happy to help.

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