Book News: Getting the Word Out!

Back in December when Off Balanced hit electronic bookshelves for the Kindle and Nook I knew much hard work remained ahead. In a way publishing a book proves similar to competing in a marathon. Writing, editing, and prepping your work for publication compares to training for the marathon. Everything leads to release day, or in our analogy race day. Now you must spread the word about your literature or else you will fail to cross the finishing line, aka reach your selling goals.

As you might imagine I’m staying busy balancing my Off Balanced marketing efforts with my other freelance writing endeavors. Last week Richmond Disability Examiner Nancy Carey interviewed me for an article. The article went live (web talk for published :)) this past Saturday. Take a look, “Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell, a memoir about teen life with a disability.” Nancy and I both submitted pieces to the book Living in a World of Possibilities, a collection of stories collected by Caring Communities’ Mona Freedman, RN. Carey’s sister Cathy Porter happens to have a disability. If you want to learn more about Carey and her writing, visit her website For more on Living in a World of Possibilities click the pic below.

Living in a World of Possibilities

Living in a World of Possibilities is available for purchase at Photo:

Beyond Nancy Carey’s Examiner article on me, I will provide some new guest blog posts soon. I already sent in a guest post set for publication on the Able Pathways blog soon. You might remember Able Pathways’ Rob Pritts interviewed me last month for their podcast. Here’s a link  in case you missed it, Able Pathways Season 4 Episode 11 “Off Balanced.”

Furthermore I recently received an invitation to blog for, a website dedicated to inclusive work environments. I will provide a guest post for them drawing parallels from Off Balanced and relating them to the work environment. As always, when these posts become available I’ll provide the links here on this blog. Until then take care!


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