Book News: Publicity for Off Balanced

Wow! Off Balanced hit the Kindle and Nook bookshelves nearly five months ago already. During these five months I’ve garnered a decent amount of attention around the blogosphere and within the media. Yet I’m determined to reach as many people as possible with Off Balanced so my marketing efforts will naturally only continue.

If you regularly visit this blog’s “Links” tab located at the top of the page, you probably noticed some new links put up over the past couple weeks. However, I’m sure you don’t check that page routinely so here’s a rundown of what has been added.

First, last month I came across a new Off Balanced review actually posted in February. The review managed to evade the daily Goggle Alerts email I setup for my name. Still, I located the review from children’s book author Zach Wood by performing a Google search. Incidentally, I interviewed Wood recently for an article I need to get going on writing. If you read this my fellow Zach, I’m sorry. My time management lacked a little since our interview. Shame on me! Enough about the past, read Wood’s thoughts on my teenage memoir, “Review of Book Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell“.


Carlos Goes to Preschool by Zach Wood

Zach Wood, who reviewed Off Balanced, is the author of the children's book Carlos Goes to Preschool. Photo:

Moving on, I mentioned previously on the Off Balanced blog providing a guest post to Big Tent Jobs, a resource for disability employment. The post, “We Hold the Power: a Perspective on Disability Employment,” went live March 20th. I discuss the importance to how you perceive your disability, drawing a parallel to what I write about in Off Balanced. I hope you find the Big Tent Jobs post empowering.

Finally, last Tuesday I was the guest on Janet Elaine Smith’s live talk show Marketing for Fun and Profit. We conversed about my teenage memoir, disabilities in general, and of course marketing. I highly recommend Janet’s show to anyone interested in writing a book. The podcast will help give you realistic insight into publishing. Our archived discussion should get added to soon.


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