Book News: Upcoming Publicity

Before I get into what you can expect regarding Off Balanced publicity in the upcoming weeks, I wanted to remind you my teenage memoir remains available on the Kindle and Nook at a special $4.22 birthday celebratory list price FOR ONLY A FEW MORE HOURS. So, if your to-do list contains “buy Off Balanced,” save yourself 30% and make the purchase tonight!

Now, I’m always excited to find new opportunities for spreading the word regarding Off Balanced. I’m especially hyped about an upcoming guest blog post I’ll be providing The Tribe Daily, a Cleveland Indians blog, this week. In the post I’ll examine the empowering effects of being a sports fan, focusing on how my love for Cleveland Indians baseball helped guide me to a writing career.  Look for my guest The Tribe Daily post to go live on the blogosphere Tuesday (April 24th).

Go Tribe!

My love for Cleveland Indians baseball started at a young age.

Moving forward, Book Readers‘ Dee Owen will interview me on Monday, April 30th. However, you don’t have to wait until the 30th to obtain all the insights I plan to share with Dee. To catch a sneak peak of what Dee and I might talk about, watch the Youtube video “Answering Preliminary Interview Questions for Book Readers.” 🙂



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