Personality Profile: Jeff Moyer

After four months please welcome back “Personality Profile” posts! Today I spotlight Jeff Moyer, an author/public speaker/musician/disability advocate who happens to be blind. I actually received the pleasure to meet Jeff Moyer back in April. I absolutely mean pleasure too as Moyer helped push for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Without the ADA who knows what struggles my parents might’ve encountered enrolling me into mainstream classes during my school years. Before I go on, please checkout the following video of Moyer helping to celebrate the ADA’s 18th anniversary from 2008.

Now like I said I met Jeff Moyer back in April, at a volunteer banquet. I’ve mentioned previously on this blog that I volunteer at Euclid Adult Activities Center, a site of the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Moyer performed a few songs to kickoff the volunteer banquet celebration. His music carries upbeat, meaningful messages. Personally, I enjoy “I’ll Do It for Love” the most. You can purchase Jeff Moyer’s music at

Amongst all else Jeff Moyer’s resume left a lasting impression on me. His accolades include meeting Ted Kennedy Jr., performing at the reception following President George H. Bush signing the ADA, giving a keynote address at Kennedy Space Center, and traveling internationally to spread disability awareness.

Ultimately Jeff Moyer helped people in the disability community gain rights honestly too often taken for granted, specifically the rights to a proper education and reasonable accommodations within the workplace. I’ve heard horror stories about how society use to institutionalize people with disabilities, a concept hard to fathom in 2012 thanks to disability advocates like Jeff Moyer.


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