Personality Profile: Tony Bartoli

Considering students across the country will go back to school this month, now seems an ideal time to spotlight anti-bullying speaker Tony Bartoli. Two-plus years ago while conducting research for a Yahoo! Voices article, “Bullying & Cerebral Palsy,” I stumbled upon the name Tony Bartoli. Rather than summing up Bartoli’s story with my words, let me direct your attention to the Youtube video below.

Twice over the past couple years I enjoyed the opportunity to interview Tony Bartoli, once during the summer of 2010 when I wrote for Disaboom and then just recently for The Mobility Resource. In the Disaboom interview, “Bullying Students with Disabilities: How to Fight Back,” we focused on Bartoli’s personal story and his advice to help prevent and/or stop bullying from occurring. I know I’m bias because I wrote the piece but I do highly recommend the read for the back to school season. Bartoli really shares some useful insight.

During our chat for The Mobility Resource we expanded on the bullying subject matter to also address adults bullying each other and the influence the Internet possesses on  bullying. I found Tony Bartoli’s thoughts on whether the Internet proves a more positive or more negative influence especially interesting. Checkout the article for yourself, “Addressing Bullying in the Disability Community

Overall, I’m a big Tony Bartoli supporter. Therefore I’m grateful the sentiment remains mutual. Last year before Off Balanced hit electronic bookshelves I sent out advance copies to a few individuals within the cerebral palsy community, Bartoli being one of them. To end today’s post I wish to share his concluding thoughts on Off Balanced.

“I believe this book is a ***need*** to get into the hands of kids, teenagers and adults. I don’t say this because I have cerebral palsy too, but rather it captures the human spirit to keep going. Off Balanced will be on my desk as a reminder to never quit….and DREAM BIG!”

*To learn even more about Tony Bartoli visit his website,, or follow him on Twitter (@stopbullyingtb).




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