Book News: Announcing the First Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A

This month I will post the first Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A to Youtube. The video will go live Monday, September 17th. I plan to read a selection from Chapter 4, “My First Crush.” Fellow author Neil Matheson (Daddy Bent-Legs) specifically references this chapter in his Off Balanced book review, writing “A chapter which Fenell devotes to re-telling of his first high-school crush is sincere, brutally honest in parts, and heartfelt.”

Q & A questions will come via social media. I welcome any inquiries regarding Off Balanced, disabilities in the media, writing a book, and/or the publishing process. You can submit a question here by commenting below. You may also tweet them to me on Twitter or post them on Facebook. For example questions, view the following Youtube video I uploaded back in May for Book Readers. Get your questions sent in by Friday, September 14th.

On Deck

Besides the upcoming Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A, I’m looking forward to appearing on The Inclusive Class podcast Friday, September 28th. I will discuss inclusion inside mainstream classrooms with hosts Nicole Eredics and Terri Mauro. The podcast airs on Blog Talk Radio Fridays at 9:00am EST. You can listen to past The Inclusive Class podcasts at

The Inclusive Class

Who: Zachary Fenell
What: The Inclusive Class Interview
When: Friday, September 28th at 9:00am
Why: To discuss Off Balanced and inclusion in mainstream classrooms.


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