Update on Cyber Reading, Plus More

As you might notice I still need to post the Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A. I originally planned to post the video to Youtube Monday, September 17th. Unfortunately, I fell behind on my to-do list so I currently remain at work on the video’s production. However, I’m almost 100% certain the Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A will get posted before the week’s end. In the meantime I invite you to checkout my latest articles for The Mobility Resource.

EXCLUSIVE: The Desktop Desk Increases Accessibility Inside the Classroom and Beyond

I interview special education teacher and Desktop Desk inventor Robert Mayben. The Desktop Desk enables greater table accessibility for individuals with disabilities. While I could describe how the assistive technology device helps people with disabilities, I’m probably best off recommending you read the product’s testimonials at desktopdesk.com.

Desktop Desk in use

The Desktop Desk increases people with disabilities’ abilities to use laptop computers. Photo provided by Robert Mayben.

Robert and I discuss the origin behind the Desktop Desk and how the device assists building  stronger communities through sponsorship programs. The article also includes an exclusive $400 discount for Mobility Resource readers (valid throughout September). If the Desktop Desk sounds like something which could enhance the life of someone you know, make sure to read my article and learn more about the deal.

Children’s Author Zach Wood Aims to Increase Disability Awareness

Imagine my book Off Balanced but geared to young children rather than teenagers. You now hold the core concept behind Zach Wood’s Carlos Goes to Preschool and Carlos Rides the School Bus. I greatly admire Zach for his mission to raise disability awareness amongst kids in preschool and elementary school. In our Skype interview we talk about his goals with the Carlos Series, future writing projects, and other ambitious disability awareness goals. I  especially advise the read for preschool/elementary school teachers and parents with young children who have disabilities.


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