Book News: Watch the Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A Now!

The Off Balanced Cyber Reading/Q & A arrived on Youtube sometime late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. I read a selection from Chapter 4, “My First Crush.” Following the reading I answer questions about publishing and disabilities. View below!

What’s Next?

My second guest post for Laura Forde’s Through My Eyes: My Life with Cerebral Palsy blog will get published shortly. I discuss my experience as an individual with cerebral  palsy using the online dating service e-Harmony. If you missed my first post for Laura, no more excuses! “How Cerebral Palsy Helped Shape My Work Ethic

On Friday, September 28th I will join The Inclusive Class’ Nicole Eredics and Terri Mauro to discuss Off Balanced and my experiences inside mainstream, inclusive classrooms. You can listen in live by visiting at 9:00am EST on the 28th.


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