Book News: New Guest Blog Post, Upcoming Interview, Plus More

If you enjoy reading my various guest blog posts across the web, make sure to visit disABLEd Guy and view my latest “The Disability-Inspiration Correlation.” The post went live yesterday Wednesday, October 3rd and further explores a topic I discussed here in my post “Analyzing Pop Culture: Disabilities as Inspirations.” While at disABLEd Guy, also take the time to checkout blogger Mason’s several posts about disabilities and the blog’s previous guest posts.

Moving on I’m excited to announce this upcoming Monday (October 8th) I will appear on Rick Mizuno’s Indies in Motion talk radio show. The Indies in Motion website describes the show as,

“A one-of-a-kind variety show which features some of the best Independent Artists in: Art, Film, Dance, Theater, Literature, Music and more.”

I highly recommend listening to Mizuno’s past shows. His incredible enthusiasm provides a catalyst for great radio. You can hear my interview live Monday, October 8th at 4:00pm EST/1:00pm PST on Global Voice Broadcasting radio.

Finally, look forward to a future guest blog post from me on Katy Fetters’ Teen Cerebral Palsy blog. Teen Cerebral Palsy maintains similar goals as Off Balanced so I’m eager about getting to reach out to Fetters’ readers. Expect the guest blog post in the near future, once I start catching up on my freelance work for The Mobility Resource.  In the meantime take a closer look at the wonderfully insightful blog.



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