Book News: Updated, Shout Out to Reader, & More!

Excitement stirs in the air around me. After eight months on my to-do list I can check off “Update Website.” A combination between never ending short-term activities and simply poor time management caused the task to linger undone for so long. The updated features a few new webpages, including one dedicated to Off Balanced. You’ll find the book’s synopsis, excerpts from book reviews, and various Off Balanced links on the page.

Moving on, I wanted to take this time and share the spotlight by giving a specific Off Balanced reader a shout out. Mariah Kilbourne, I’m talking about you! Mariah reached out to me on Facebook back in January to tell me she bought my book thanks to John W. Quinn’s ringing endorsement (which you can find on the Amazon sales page under editorial reviews). Anyways, since January I’ve enjoyed the pleasure via Facebook to see Mariah accomplish great feats.

In March Mariah won the Ms. Texas Wheelchair pageant and eventually proceeded to become Ms. Wheelchair America, winning the national pageant held in Rhode Island. My fellow The Mobility Resource writer Jeff D. Gorman recently conducted an insightful interview with Mariah, examining her journey to becoming the current reigning Ms. Wheelchair America. Make sure you show Mariah your support and read the piece, “Mariah Kilbourne Seeks Historic-Site Access as Ms. Wheelchair America 2013.”

Mariah crowned Ms. Wheelchair Texas

I hope you don’t mind Mariah. I took this directly from your Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2012 Facebook page. 🙂

Finally, to end today’s post I wish to plug my Indies in Motion interview. Host Rick Mizuno flattered me very much, sharing his praise for Off Balanced and my other writing endeavors. A huge thanks goes out to Rick for having me on Indies in Motion as a guest. You can take a listen by clicking the link in this paragraph’s opening sentence.


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