Trick-or-Treating with Cerebral Palsy

With Halloween fast approaching now seems an ideal time to discuss trick-or-treating with cerebral palsy, and disabilities in general. The topic came to my mind’s forefront after seeing Cerebral Palsy Family Network post some really cool Halloween Facebook pictures featuring handicap friendly costumes. For example, the Darth Vader below.

Darth Vader outfit built around a wheelchair.

I’m not big on Star Wars but what an awesome costume! Photo: Originally posted by Kevin Tostado to Flickr

Following the initial “Wow! How cool is this?” reaction, what comes to your mind next? I start to wonder about trick-or-treating accessibility. If this kid went trick-or-treating around his neighborhood, how many houses can he actually go up to? I remember encountering some hassles when I went trick-or-treating as a child, mostly ascending and descending front stairs without a banister. Steep steps also caused me to take my time. Overall though the small setbacks never ruined my fun.

Then again I did stop trick-or-treating probably before most children. I don’t believe I did any door-to-door candy shopping as a teenager. Yet I’m sure several 13 and 14-year olds get dressed up, gather together, and go free sweet hunting. If I did so, I speculate a similar situation to the 2003 Auto Show, which I recall in my book Off Balanced, might’ve occurred. Fearing falling behind, I would rush and consequently not enjoy myself so much.

Anyways, enough about what never happened. 🙂 Ultimately, my CP didn’t stop me from enjoying trick-or-treating. I am however rather intrigued to learn how disabilities affected others’ Halloween night experiences, especially those who use wheelchairs. Please captivate me by sharing your insights via a comment below.


4 comments on “Trick-or-Treating with Cerebral Palsy

  1. Very thought provoking article, my disability started long after my trick or treating stopped (it’s not really a huge thing here in the UK anyway) but I guess if I was going now I’d just have to accept that someone else would be doing the doorbell ringing and I would have to look awesome enough to draw attention from a distance (like the picture!)

  2. Per the Creative Commons Attribution license for this photo, can you please provide a photo credit to my Flickr site where I originally posted this photo I took. Thanks!

    • Sorry about that Kevin. I thought CP Family Network was the originator of the photo as I did not see them credit anyone for the photo on Facebook. I have now added the photo credit to the caption. Thanks for speaking up!

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