Personality Profile: Katy Fetters

Last week my guest blog post for Teen Cerebral Palsy went live, “The Importance of Relating.” Teen Cerebral Palsy’s tagline defines the website well, “For teens by teens. Dealing with cerebral palsy as a teenager in today’s society.” To correspond with my guest post I want to take the time to spotlight the blogger behind Teen CP, Katy Fetters. I’m by far not the first person to profile her.  Live Life and Win! did a feature on Fetters showcasing her down to earth, optimistic attitude. Unfortunately, I’m not subscribed to Vimeo Plus so I can’t embed the video below. Still, please take the time to watch.

More recently OC Register’s David Whiting did a piece on Katy Fetters, “Student with Cerebral Palsy Blogs for Teens.” Whiting recaps specific ways CP affected Fetters growing  up. She played soccer and ran cross country but encountered physical limits imposed by her body. Fetters shares how an embarrassing incident eventually helped lead to her starting Teen Cerebral Palsy. Perhaps one phrase from the OC Register sums the story up best.

“Growing up wasn’t about can’t. It was about can.”

People too often focus on disabilities’ negatives, creating a disabling perception for us with handicaps. Fetters breaks down this perception by enabling her readers through the very topic I address in my guest post, relating. Knowing others face the same or similar issues as you seems small but yet means so much. Via sharing her life experiences on Teen Cerebral Palsy and welcoming guest bloggers Katy Fetters makes a huge difference in others’ lives and for that I say to Fetters, “Kudos.”


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