Giving Thanks, Off Balanced 50% Off Sale

First and foremost, I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with family or close friends. Considering commercialism’s increasing influence over the holiday season (specifically Black Friday), I firmly assert remembering to give thanks a top priority. Therefore before I get into the 50% off, Off Balanced sale I want to take the time to share what I’m thankful for.

Personally, I’m thankful to have cerebral palsy. Sounds odd, right? Like Off Balanced documents, this didn’t always prove the case. I use to loathe my diagnosis. However, time progressed and I realized CP beneficially helped shape me into the individual I am today. As my book explains, cerebral palsy actually led me to pursue a writing career.

Additionally, my experiences with CP continue to teach me to appreciate life on a level otherwise unlikely. I went from keying in on frustration regarding what I can’t do to valuing what I can. For example, take my long walks around the neighborhood. My right leg fatigues but rather than feeling down about this, I appreciate my left leg’s strength. I mean just imagine how much worse my situation could be without my one good leg.

Ultimately, one major goal I looked to accomplish writing Off Balanced includes teaching others with challenges to see their disabilities’ positives. Thus I’m excited to announce the 50% off sale, available on both the Kindle and Nook. Normally priced at $5.99, I’m reducing Off Balanced‘s list price this holiday season to $2.99. So whether you want to add Off Balanced to your Black Friday bargains or make the purchase on Small Business Saturday (Saturday, November 24th), demonstrate support for this freelance writer. Much thanks! 🙂

Did you know you can gift Kindle and Nook books?

You can gift Kindle and Nook books by clicking the “Give as Gift” (Kindle) or “Buy as Gift” (Nook) links on the corresponding sales pages. Photo: Wikimedia Commons’ BlairSnow

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