KDP Books Now Available in Canada and Brazil

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service expanded authors’ global reach this past week, making KDP titles available  in Canada and Brazil. Personally I’m very excited for the opportunity to expand my international readership even further, specifically to our neighbors up north. Beyond the United States Off Balanced already maintains sales in the United Kingdom and India.

America map

Amazon’s KDP program expands to include Canada and Brazil. Good news for authors! Photo: Wikimedia Commons user Faigl.ladislav

Interestingly enough I spent previous marketing efforts focused on Canadian online outlets. You might recall my disABLEd guy’s guest post “The Disability-Inspiration Correlation,” a top viewed post on that blog. Plus while an American domain name, Life of the Differently Abled emanates from Canada. You can read my previous Life of the Differently Abled posts, “How Cerebral Palsy Helped Shape My Work Ethic” and “Online Dating and Cerebral Palsy.” A brief side note, I will submit my third guest post to this blog shortly so expect something published before 2012 comes to a close.

Basically I ask if you enjoy my work around the web, consider purchasing Off Balanced. Now remains a great time too because the 50% off holiday sale still stands. To encourage readers to check out Off Balanced or gift the book, I reduced the normal list price from $5.99 (USD) to $2.99 (USD).

Need more convincing to buy soon? Read Canadian author Neil Matheson’s Off Balanced review, “Off Balanced {A Book Review}.” Matheson penned Daddy Bent-Legs, which I reviewed last year for Yahoo! Voices. Take a look!

One comment on “KDP Books Now Available in Canada and Brazil

  1. Btw, my review of your book has received almost 1000 hits now. Congrats! 🙂

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