New Year Resolutions

January 30th may seem like an odd day to post about New Year resolutions, but why? Personally I find such a notion problematic. New Year resolutions fail because people fail to maintain the energy and ambition initially kindled by the year’s start. Let’s break this trend! Today I will share three New Year resolutions I made. Hopefully the read gets you once again thinking about your own 2013 goals.

Resolution #1- Utilize My Youtube Channel via Vlogging
Last year during the book marketing process I ended up creating a Youtube channel, Zachary Fenell. In 2012 I uploaded two videos, one answering questions for Dee Owens’ Book Readers website and the other my Off Balanced Cyber Reading. Throughout 2013 I plan to grow my relationship with Youtube viewers by sharing vlogs (video blogs) twice a month. You can find my first vlog below. Feel free to give your feedback. 🙂

Resolution #2- Post Here on a Weekly Basis
On a typical day my Twitter feed fills up with tweets linking to social media tips. Heck, I spent four months in 2011 ghostwriting social media advice articles for Hudson Business Solutions. One rule I come across again and again, blog at least once a week. I always intend on posting here at least once a week but that obviously doesn’t always happen. Ideally I’m aiming to generate a fixed blogging schedule where a new post appears every Friday, starting this Friday (February 1st)!

Resolution #3- Keep to Due Dates
Yes, I know. Resolution three seems pretty basic. However, other freelancers out there will almost certainly back me up on this task’s toughness. Without a traditionally structured work environment meeting due dates can become difficult. Plus, time can drag. When I started freelancing in 2009 I aggressively knocked off deadlines. As years passed I became more relaxed and by last summer I found my slacking off at an all-time high. I thought “This is not who I am and this is not professional behavior.” Ultimately, clients shouldn’t need to contact me and request ETAs on assignments. That’s how I’m going to measure the success rate to my third and final New Year resolution.

What New Year resolutions did you make? How do you plan on measuring your success rate? Share with a comment. 


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