Three Disability Related Stories Worth Checking Out

Over the past week a few stories really captured my attention, stuff you may enjoy too. Take a look and give your feedback with a comment below. Also feel free to make your own recommendations.

New Travel Show Armed & Ready
Sunday while watching an episode of Man Versus Food I saw the following TV promo.

Armed & Ready, which premiered this past Tuesday, follows the legless Kevin Michael Connolly as he embraces his thrill seeking desires. I believe Armed & Ready possesses great potential to get people to rethink rigid disability perceptions. Admittedly I missed the series debut this week but I do plan to hunt down the reruns.

Sportsmanship Reigns Supreme in High School Basketball Game
A friend shared this link on my Facebook timeline Tuesday. Aiming to honor student manager Mitchell Marcus’ dedication to the team, Coronado High School basketball coach Peter Morales decided to offer Marcus something probably previously unthinkable, action on the floor. You see Marcus’ mental disability kept him on the sidelines. However Coach Morales insisted on providing the student a moment to shine. Certainly what occurred next seemingly left everyone involved beaming with pride.

Marvel Comics Creates Hearing-Impaired Superhero
The final story I wish to mention in today’s post I actually came across Thursday by accident. Searching through Fox 8’s Facebook page for a news story I saw broadcasted Wednesday night, I became diverted. A piece titled “Hearing-Impaired Boy Inspires Superhero” intrigued me. After reading the article I felt incredibly moved. Honestly I can’t justifiably sum up the news story in a few sentences. I will say the coverage resonated with me because it reminded me why I wrote Off Balanced.

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