Tracking New Year Resolutions: February ’13 Recap

To maintain accountability and increase my chances at successfully accomplishing my 2013 goals (stated in January 30th 2013’s post “New Year Resolutions“) I will write monthly recaps at the beginning of each month reflecting back on the previous 30 some days. Through publicly tracking my own progress I hope to inspire you to remain accountable too, helping you to reach all the goals you set.

Resolution #1- Utilize My Youtube Channel Via Vlogging
Specific Goal- Vlog Twice a Month
Accomplished? YES

Learning my lesson from January, I avoided putting off recording my two video blogs until the last week in the month. Instead I posted my first video “A Fan’s Prediction- The 2013 Cleveland Indians” halfway through the month. This removed pressure, allowing me to get February’s second vlog “What is Cerebral Palsy?” done without needing to meet a quick turnaround time.

Resolution #2- Post Here on a Weekly Basis
Specific Goal- Post every Friday
Accomplished? NO

February started off well, posting twice in the first nine days. However, from there I struggled. After a post on my Off Balanced marketing efforts and one about Facebook messaging changes I wanted to ensure my next topic focused specifically on cerebral palsy or at least disabilities in general. I saved three or four different drafts but feeling uninspired I failed to finish any of them. Now to compensate for the two posts I didn’t write I will do a bonus entry both March and April, todays post representing March’s.

Resolution #3- Keep to Due Dates
Specific Goal- Don’t Receive Any Inquiries About ETAs.
Accomplished? NO

Technically I could give me a “YES” here because the only ETA inquiry I received occurred coincidentally while emailing my client an update on my assignment. Hence I didn’t display unprofessional neglect, my main concern linked to resolution three. Yet I’m not one to declare victory over a technicality. Well, besides the time in college I beat my friend in pool off a scratch. 😉 Anyways let’s return to the matter at hand. I recognize the two elements needed to enable me to triumphantly handle due dates. First internally I need to stay honest about how much work I can finish in a day. Secondly, I must establish a consistent schedule so I can best maximize my time management.

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