Introducing Special Education Guide

If you need answers to special education related questions, consider visiting Special Education Guide launched this week and features content written by talented scribes knowledgeable in the special ed realm, me included. The site comprehensively covers the topic at hand, containing sections on everything from the disability categories defined under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to the parent-teacher partnership and individual education plans (IEPs).

Now I hope the above doesn’t come across as too much self-promotion. I always try to respect the line between sharing projects I’m involved in and obnoxiously touting such works. After all, do you really like someone who blabs on about his or her self-declared greatness? I think not. 😉

Special Education Guide

PrtSc capturing Special Education Guide’s homepage.

However, I am incredibly excited to see Special Education Guide up and running. As I previously mentioned the site maintains a comprehensive look at special education. Tailored to parents and mainstream educators, Special Education Guide possesses the potential to positively impact lives.

For example, a general education teacher might experience uncertainty on how to handle a student with an emotional disturbance. Too embarrassed to express anxieties to a co-worker, he or she can alternatively seek  a few pointers by browsing Special Education Guide. This will relax the educator and create a better learning environment for the student.

Or, take parents overwhelmed by how their child’s learning disability will influence their son or daughter’s academic pursuits. Rather than surfing several websites to piece together information, Special Education Guide allows the mother and father to garner helpful knowledge all by visiting one cyber destination.

Overall a major motivation behind why I write so much about disabilities involves the chance to meaningfully guide a reader’s life. Let me assure you I know the amazing affects words can carry due to the feedback I continue to receive on my book Off Balanced. I sincerely believe Special Education Guide can collect similar reader responses.


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