Tracking New Year Resolutions: March ’13 Recap

With the second quarter now here, those New Year resolutions you set back in January may increasingly seem like distant memories. I will continue to avoid this occurrence personally by keeping to my monthly recaps. Hopefully through my own determination to stay accountable, you become motivated to regularly assess your own New Year resolutions.

Resolution #1- Utilize My Youtube Channel Via Vlogging
Specific Goal- Vlog Twice a Month

So far I’m easily achieving my Youtube resolution. I pretty much adopted an informal structure where I record and post a vlog the second and fourth week in each month. Maintaining such a schedule prevents what happened in January, where I felt rushed to get two posts up in the month’s last five days. My March videos discussed Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and setting e-book prices.

Resolution #2- Post Here on a Weekly Basis
Specific Goal- Post every Friday
Accomplished? YES

I ended March missing my Friday posting deadline by a little over 24 hours. However the most important fact remains, I successfully posted weekly. Plus once I knock out a “bonus” post for April I’m fully compensated for the two February posts I missed. If the right motivation keeps coming to me every seven days, I feel confident in my ability to precede accomplishing resolution two.

Resolution #3- Keep to Due Dates
Specific Goals- Don’t Receive Any Inquiries About ETAs
Accomplished? NO

Okay, I’m halfway there towards meeting my third 2013 resolution. I nailed all my deadlines for my freelance clients. Unfortunately I faltered with the guest blog posts I arranged. I’m still in the process writing submissions for Rebelle Society and then my second guest blog post for Big Tent Jobs. Meanwhile you can read my first Big Tent Jobs post from last year, “We Hold the Power: A Perspective on Disability Employment.”

Back to the present, I can list multiple reasons explaining why I failed achieving goal three. Yet I’m not interested in dwelling on these. I’m concentrating on submitting my guest posts and moving forward with 2013 and any new guest posts I can secure.


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