Joining the Handicap This Team

Get ready for some exciting news. I’m the newest Handicap This team member. Handicap This centers around the highly touted self-titled stage show starring Chicago natives Tim Wambach and Mike Berkson. However, Handicap This the brand expands beyond Mike and Tim’s stage show and speaking engagements.

At you will find webisodes capturing Mike and Tim’s everyday life as Tim assists Mike through our able-bodied dominant society. Additionally you will find a blog featuring posts from Tim, Mike, and others behind the scenes at Handicap This. Plus the blog offers regular posts from guest bloggers, which I will oversee in my new Guest Blog Coordinator role. This all comes about after writing two guest posts for the blog over the past year and developing a nice friendship with Tim.

Handicap This Guest Blog Coordinator

My bio which appears on the Handicap This team web page.

The position’s responsibilities include recruiting guest bloggers for the site and editing their posts prior to submission to Tim. My focus when recruiting guest posters will revolve around the blog’s theme to educate, empower, and entertain readers. These three Es may reside in or expand beyond the disability community. An inclusive blog, Handicap This stands dedicated to supplying readers from all demographics an uplifting experience.

Now with that said, I want to take the time to address all my past Handicap This mentions. I reviewed Tim’s book How We Roll for Yahoo! Voices. I referenced Handicap This multiple times here and probably within my Youtube videos. Last summer I interviewed, on behalf of The Mobility Resource, Tim and Mike for a piece on them.

I bring these things up because I value integrity in my work and I don’t want anyone thinking I blindly promoted Handicap This. My relationship with Handicap This started innocently enough back in 2011 when I sent Tim an inquiry asking him to read and review Off Balanced before the December 2011 Kindle and Nook releases.  Tim enjoyed Off Balanced, sending me the following promotional blurb.

“Off Balanced is an inside look on someone growing up with cerebral palsy. Zachary writes in such a descriptive way that the reader can’t help but feel like they know him personally. Zach’s never give up attitude is something to envy!”

Anyways, to abbreviate a long story Tim and I developed an acquaintance based off mutual respect for each others’ works and ambitions. That acquaintance led to a friendship, but this all occurred following my aforementioned Handicap This mentions. When you read my How We Roll book review or Handicap This “Personality Profile” blog post, know I completed these objectively refrained from bias.

Finally, let’s come full circle. That respect I discuss my acquaintance with Tim grew from sparks the excitement I feel regarding joining the Handicap This team as their Guest Blog Coordinator. I’m honored Tim offered to add me to the team and I eagerly anticipate helping Handicap This educate, empower, and entertain their website visitors.

If you wish to share a message which educates, empowers, and/or entertains, contact me at Also checkout to decide if I could prove an asset to your company or organization.       


2 comments on “Joining the Handicap This Team

  1. Tish says:

    Great news. Congratulations on this well deserved assignment. Looking forward to your great work!

  2. […] may recall from my April post “Joining the Handicap This Team,” Handicap This Productions (HTP) welcomed me aboard to serve as their Guest Blog […]

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