The Power Writing Holds

Recently someone in the LinkedIn group Books and Writers proposed an intriguing question, “What’s important about your book?” The many answers from eagerly responding authors demonstrated the incredible power and value writing possesses. Certainly this proves no big revelation to me however. After all I penned Off Balanced with the goal to positively impact teens with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Through Off Balanced I aim to put an end to negative self-talk and influence teenagers to embrace their disabilities so they can maximize their adolescent experiences.

Now I’m proud to say I am successfully accomplishing the above objectives. In the past few months the Facebook messages sent to me from readers (NOT biased friends and family) truly warm my heart. A current teenager with cerebral palsy wrote me to share how reading Off Balanced gave him hope. A week and a half ago another reader sent me the following feedback.

Off Balanced Reader Feedback

FYI- To respect the reader’s privacy I blacked out the name and profile picture.

Personally I find the sentence “I could see so much of myself in your writing” the most flattering because the remark speaks to my book’s tone’s effectiveness. Additionally I wish to address the last thoughts, “I’m going to tell all my friends about it. Maybe it can help me explain my disability to them, in ways that I can’t.” These words recognize an element to Off Balanced which emerged while I wrote the book. Off Balanced could assist able-bodied individuals, whether parents, siblings, teachers, therapists, friends, or classmates, to comprehend better life with a disability.

Ultimately writing possesses significant power, power which leaves me honored and amazed as an author. I mean, what other professions allow you to touch complete strangers in such vital ways? Finally seeing how I enjoy helping others, I ask you to leave a comment below identifying the most moving book you read to date. Let the recommendations flow! 😀




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