Every month the Yahoo! Contributor Network (Y! CN) hands out Spotlight Awards, one to a writer and then five honoring “five exceptional pieces of content.” I’m excited to share my Yahoo! Health piece “Living with It: Student Life with Cerebral Palsy in Mainstream Classrooms” received a Spotlight Award for March 2013. In the monthly Spotlight Award winners blog announcement Y! Jelena writes the following about my chosen article.

“Often, the stories of students with disabilities are told by their parents and teachers. Zachary sheds a first-person light on his experiences in school as a young man with CP, including his fight for an identity beyond his visible disability and his mother’s struggle to keep therapy from interrupting his academic education. This Yahoo! Health piece is a matter of fact, frank look at life as a ‘special education’ student who is integrated with able-bodied students while straddling the line between mainstream classes and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Parents, teachers, therapists, school administrators, and fellow young people with CP could benefit by reading Zachary’s take.”


Y! CN spotlights five exceptional pieces of content every month. Photo: Andrew Hurley/Wikimedia Commons

Now I feel privileged the Yahoo! Contributor Network spotlighted “Living with It: Student Life with Cerebral Palsy in Mainstream Classrooms.” Y! CN produces much content monthly so to stand out as exceptional proves no easy task. Personally I believe the fact my article accomplished this challenging act emphasizes the importance held by Off Balanced, my blog here, and ultimately firsthand accounts documenting lives with disabilities.

Bottom line people with disabilities possess insights which can help everyone better understand handicaps. Certainly the takes from parents, teachers, therapists, and other appropriate professionals deserve consideration. However a comprehensive dialogue will not emerge until people with disabilities offer their perspectives.


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