Checking In

Call off the search parties! I’m here, I’m here. Yes I missed my last two Friday/early morning Saturday posts.  To partially compensate for my absence please entertain this sporadic Wednesday one. In fairness to me I did start two drafts but I found them uninspiring. You, my readers, deserve my best and not simply words released on a regularly scheduled basis.

TMR Logo

I’m working on some interesting articles for The Mobility Resource.

Anyways over the past two weeks I kept busy. Monday and Friday last week (May 20th and May 24th) I conducted interviews for The Mobility Resource (TMR). First I interviewed prolific disability advocate Anita Cameron, who TMR initially profiled back in December during the Top 25 Mobility Movers and Shakers series. Friday I talked to Vanderbilt University professor Michael Goldfarb, the birth brain behind the wearable robot (exoskeleton) Indego. Both discussions remain in the transcribing process. Within the next week-and-a-half the articles should go live at The Mobility Resource website.

On another note, I’m refocusing on my Off Balanced marketing efforts. The response from readers so far provides me such pride and reconfirms my original mission to convince others with cerebral palsy to positively embrace the disability. Yet the influence Off Balanced possesses additionally extends to family members, friends, and classmates. I know I targeted my latest guest blog post towards parents, “Exploring the Parent-Child Dynamic within the IEP Team” published at Think Inclusive Thursday, May 9th.

Returning to my main point though I’m refocusing my Off Balanced marketing efforts because I believe in my book and I want to maximize my readership. To discover new opportunities to promote my teen memoir I picked up Marketing Your Book on a Budget by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones. Right now I’m working towards lining up new guest posts, hopefully some more book reviews, podcast or radio appearances, whatever I can arrange.


One comment on “Checking In

  1. Jewel Kats says:

    Loved the blog post 🙂 Keep writing!! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Otherwise, I will have to call up search parties 😉

    -The Original “DitzAbled Princess”
    Jewel Kats xo

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