New Guest Blog Posts, Off Balanced Book Excerpt

Okay, “new” might seem misleading considering this post contains a link dating back to February. From February to April I admittedly slacked off on my Off Balanced promotion efforts. In May I refocused on marketing, purchasing Marketing Your Book on a Budget by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones to help discover new leads. I owe the last link in today’s post to the aforementioned book.

Handicap This, Guest Post

Prior to joining Handicap This Productions as Guest Blog Coordinator, I reached out to Tim Wambach about writing a second guest blog post for the site (see my first, “Striving for Greater Inclusion“). My second piece, “The Power of Gratitude” aims to empower readers to recognize and appreciate those too often uncelebrated abilities and/or traits.

*Side Note: Handicap This’ blog works to educate, empower, and/or entertain readers on any subject. If you possess a message which can educate, empower, or entertain, please pitch me your idea by emailing zach [AT]

Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell

You can purchase Off Balanced for your Kindle or Nook.

Think Inclusive, Guest Post

Blogger Tim Villegas runs an excellent blog titled Think Inclusive. The site contains great insights from parents and professionals in regards to educating students with disabilities. Through my contribution “Exploring the Parent-Child Dynamic within the IEP Team” I desire to supply a student’s perspective towards IEP meetings.

Rebelle Society, Book Excerpt

Earlier this month a new Off Balanced book excerpt hit the web. Judging by Rebelle Society readers’ feedback people enjoyed the selection from Chapter 6 “Not Enough.” Remember you can additionally check out Off Balanced‘s entire first chapter “Changes” and a portion of the chapter “My First Crush” (via the Off Balanced cyber reading) at my website

My Life. One Story at a Time, Guest Post

My Life. One Story at a Time remains dedicated to books and reading. With my guest post “Stories Celebrating Unique Differences” I explain why disability orientated memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies maintain mass appeal. Perhaps a quote from my submission demonstrates the appeal best.

“I’m a person, not a condition or label. Yes cerebral palsy makes me different but something about you makes you different too.”


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