Do You Want to “Like” Me on Facebook?

Allow me to ask, do you want to “like” me on Facebook? Many authors maintain author pages in addition to their personal profiles. To date I am without a Facebook author page. However, I’m very welcoming to accepting friend requests from readers. Obviously this post indicates I’m open to starting an author page though. Shall we begin our discussion?

Zachary Fenell on Facebook

My personal Facebook profile is located at

First let me explain why I avoided setting up a Facebook author page so far. Besides Facebook you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. That’s four social media platforms I’m updating regularly! Creating a Facebook author page adds a fifth. Honestly I don’t think the content I might post on an author page will differ too much from my personal profile. Therefore I wonder, why add an extra social media page to man?

Plus I like the intimacy the Facebook friend relationship entails compared to a simple “like.” Anyone can like a page. Accepting a friend request holds increased meaning and facilitates two-way communication. You get to stay updated on my writing and my life. In return I stay updated on a reader’s life. I want to develop such two-fold connections.

Yet if people want me to also create a Facebook author page, I will. Thus speak up and let me know your thoughts. Vote in the following poll and/or leave a comment below. Fellow authors and writers please share your experiences with your Facebook author pages by commenting below too. I eagerly anticipate seeing everyone’s responses!


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