Thank You to My Book Readers

This week I want to take the time to thank those who purchased Off Balanced for their Kindles. As I discuss in the following Youtube video (initially published last weekend), due to your support my Amazon Best Sellers rank hit five figures. Sure five figures may not seem too thrilling but I believe well over a million books remain available on the world’s most popular e-reader. That should help you put my excitement into perspective.

Like I mention in my video though, selling Kindle books proves a competitive task. My Amazon Best Sellers rank for Off Balanced continued to drop lower in the six figures throughout the week. Still I stand confident I will return to five figure ranking status, eventually coming to maintain sales levels to keep me there.

Off Balanced Product Information

On Saturday, July 20th, 2013 Off Balanced ranked 96, 928 amongst Amazon Best Sellers on the Kindle.

Also touched upon in my “Thank You to My Readers” Youtube video, the opportunity to reach an increasing audience feeds my passion to improve my Amazon Best Sellers rank. Just this week I interviewed fellow author Margaret Lesh for The Mobility Resource. Margaret happened to purchase my book last week.

During our conversation she shared how Off Balanced enables her to learn about cerebral palsy, a rather unknown topic to her previously. Now I interviewed Margaret because I’m writing a book review/article on her book Let Me Get This Off My Chest, a memoir on surviving breast cancer twice. Stay tune to The Mobility Resource for my review!

Returning to the subject at hand, feedback such as I received from Margaret and other readers motivates me to continue promoting Off Balanced. So once again thank you to everyone (Kindle and Nook readers both) who purchased Off Balanced. Your support energizes me with an enriching enthusiasm.

Have you yet to read Off Balanced? Consider purchasing my teen memoir for your Kindle or Nook today!

Off Balanced on the Kindle (in the UK, in Canada)

Off Balanced on the Nook (UK readers click here)


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