Tracking New Year Resolutions: July ’13 Recap

Well, by now I think you know the routine. A new month means looking back on the previous one to evaluate whether I’m successfully accomplishing my 2013 New Year resolutions. This whole public evaluation serves two main purposes. First, these public self-assessments force me to clasp personal accountability. Secondly, I wish to inspire you to keep pursuing your 2013 New Year resolutions.

Resolution #1- Utilize My Youtube Channel Via Vlogging
Specific Goal- Vlog Twice a Month
Accomplished? YES

Embracing a tentative schedule once again enabled me to achieve my Youtube vlogging goal. Typically I aim to record and post a video blog during a month’s second and fourth weeks. Now in July I didn’t publish my first video, “Thank You to My Book Readers,” until Saturday, July 20th.

However, missing my first self-imposed deadline created urgency. I knew to reach my Youtube goal I must get that first video done ASAP. The second video then came easily. Watching fellow author John W. Quinn’s video “What’s It Like To Have Cerebral Palsy?” sparked my motivation to record the following.

Resolution #2- Post Here on a Weekly Basis
Specific Goal- Post every Friday
Accomplished? YES

Anyone with a time orientated goal should benefit from the trick I’m using to meet my weekly Friday deadline. Mentally I’m determined to write out my blog posts here by Thursday at the latest. So say your goal involves waking up earlier in the morning. If you normally get up at 7:00am but desire to change that to 6:00am, fix your mindset to awake at 5:00am. Embedding 5:00am into your brain will make waking up at 6:00am no challenge at all.

Really the above could help you reach all goals. Everything requires time. The earlier you get up, the more time you enjoy in the day to tackle that to-do list.

Resolution #3- Keep to Due Dates
Specific Goal- Don’t Receive Any Inquiries About ETAs
Accomplished? NO

Again on a technicality I can say I did accomplish my third New Year resolution, the one giving me the most trouble to date. No one sent me inquiries about when they can expect that guest post or article by. Still I’m not one to celebrate cheap victories and therefore I consider my third resolution unaccomplished.

Allow me to give an example. In June I arranged to write a guest post for a site called The Indie Mine. Initially I told my contact there to expect my post Wednesday, July 3rd. On Tuesday, July 2nd I sent a followup email saying I didn’t want to rush getting the post done and I instead will send my submission Monday, July 8th. The response I received read in part,

“No need to concern yourself with how we’ll be able to handle delays. Just fire off an email when you’re ready or close to being ready and I should be able to squeeze it into our schedule.”

Entering August my progress on the guest post proves stagnant. Sure, I could ramble off excuses to why “Write Indie Mine Guest Post (ASAP)” stayed on my weekly to-do lists all July. Yet I will digress. My main point stands, I did not keep to due dates.


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