Seeing Beyond the Surface

Two months ago I corralled some friends together and we attended a Cleveland Indians game at Progressive Field. While the outing occurred in June, a conversation from the night still echoes in my head time to time. Begin scene, set in the car waiting to drive out from the parking garage onto the street.

Indians Game Outing June 2013

My friends and I take a picture together after an Indians victory.

Friend: My legs are sore.
Me: Be glad you can use your legs.
Friend: But at least people in wheelchairs always have a seat.
Me: Yeah but they also are more likely to get ulcers and have other secondary health issues.
Friend: Zach hates me.

Now the conversation’s tone remained relaxed and fun. I’m not easily offended or quick to jump on the able-bodied population’s tendency to take abilities for granted. Rather I felt good and I wanted to josh around.

Plus earlier in the week I completed this The Mobility Resource article, “Engineering Assistive Technology: Developing the Wearable Robot Indego.” Interviewing engineer Michael Goldfarb left on my mind the secondary health issues people using wheelchairs encounter.

So yeah I guess a serious message did arise through my playful talk, hence the reason I feel the above story proved worth sharing. That message, often life embodies more complexities than what may appear at surface level.

Really such a lesson extends beyond the disability community too. Anytime you feel envious, whether due to somebody’s relationship, financial situation, or what not, know somewhere headaches, frustrations, and issues exist. These troubles your envy blinds you from recognizing.

Hopefully two points stay with you as you finish reading my post here today. First, remember to appreciate life’s small gifts which frequently go unacknowledged. Secondly, realize the fallacies associated with jealousy.

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