Tracking New Year Resolutions: August ’13 Recap

Accountability remains a 2013 theme for me as I continue tracking my New Year resolutions set back in January.

Resolution #1- Utilize My Youtube Channel Via Vlogging
Specific Goal- Vlog Twice a Month
Accomplished? YES

When a formula works, success becomes a constant. My tentative every other week vlogging schedule stayed intact for August and no surprise, I met my goal. In my first August video I discuss what seems like a lost idea today, “Walking as Transportation.” Vlog number two should interest college freshmen.

Resolution #2- Post Here on a Weekly Basis
Specific Goal- Post every Friday
Accomplished? YES

Again when a formula works, success becomes a constant. I’m determined to write my posts by Thursday night at midnight. I found getting ahead in your mind really gives you an advantage overcoming challenges. Just look at my “Tracking New Year Resolutions” posts from earlier this year. Prior to changing my mindset I struggled to blog here in a timely fashion. Now in regards to timely…

Resolution #3- Keep to Due Dates
Specific Goal- Don’t Receive Any Inquiries About ETAs
Accomplished? NO

While I don’t recall receiving any ETAs, my stern internal judge makes me hesitant to say I accomplished my third resolution. Rather I’m fortunate my freelance clients possess faith I will come through at the metaphorical day’s end.

For example, I told one client to expect certain posts by Wednesday, August 28th. Wednesday came and went without me submitting one of those posts. No ETA came because the client knows the work will get done shortly. Despite the rewarding sentiments knowing I earned my clients’ trusts, I still expect better from me.


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