Book News: New Five-Star Customer Reviews

During the first week in September Off Balanced picked up two new five-star Amazon customer reviews. This gives Off Balanced six total Amazon customer reviews, with the overall ranking averaging out to four-and-a-half stars out of five stars. So, what did the two latest reviewers like about my teen memoir? Read on!

Reviewer: Valerie Caraotta
“Inspiring real life account on beating the challenges of life”

Valerie Caraotta focuses her review on elements which transcend the cerebral palsy community and disability community, identifying lessons from my book she deems universal. For instance, “realizing the only real limitations are what you place on yourself.” Perhaps the following quote best summarizes her customer review.

“This is more than a book about Zachary Fenell but a book about principles and life decisions we all have to make whether in the valley of despair or on the housetop.”

Now I did gift Caraotta a copy of Off Balanced for her to review after we connected on Linked In. As a Top 1000 Amazon reviewer her opinions maintain extra credibility. I very much appreciate the time and effort she put into reading and reviewing my memoir.

Reviewer: Kathleen Statham
“OFF BALANCED: Reviewed by Kathleen Statham (freelance writer)”

Words you will find within Kathleen Statham’s Off Balanced review includes “matter-of-fact, humorous, humble” and “wonderfully inspiring.” The review really builds off her first sentence.

“This is a wonderfully inspiring memoir about the odyssey of a young man with cerebral palsy during a significant time of life between age 14 and his senior year in college.”

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I interviewed Kathleen Statham for The Mobility Resource and I will write a book review for BECOMING WARRIOR WOMAN.

Interestingly enough, like Valerie Caraotta, Kathleen Statham and I connected on Linked In. We belong to the same writer’s group where I learned about her cancer memoir BECOMING WARRIOR WOMAN. She decided to check out Off Balanced after I purchased her book. Currently I’m working on a book review/interview on BECOMING WARRIOR WOMAN for The Mobility Resource. Make sure to stay tuned for that at

*Remember Barnes & Noble customers, Off Balanced also remains available for the Nook. I encourage you to buy Off Balanced whether for your Kindle or Nook, enjoy the read, and share opinions with your very own customer review.


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