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If you belong on the social networking site Twitter, you most likely recognize the hash tag FF (follow Friday). A user tweets “#FF” and then Twitter handles for who he or she recommends you follow. In the writing realm a similar hash tag exists, WW (writer Wednesday). Back when I maintained a writing blog at my website I took #WW to the next level by every Wednesday picking two writers and explaining why others should follow them.

TwitterFrom this point forward I’ve decided here to use the fourth Friday every month to recommend a few Twitter users deserving the #FF treatment. Given the cerebral palsy theme my blog carries, I will stay within the disability community.

Emily Ladau (@emily_ladau)

Disability rights advocate Emily Ladau carries a conversational presence on Twitter. Just last night we enjoyed a brief chat about Michael J. Fox’s new television show, The Michael J. Fox Show. Beyond Twitter Emily exhibits her writing talents blogging at Words I Wheel By. I advise taking a look.

Anita Cameron (@adaptanita)

Anita Cameron does much retweeting, turning her Twitter profile into a comprehensive resource on disability related issues.  Ironically I usually don’t follow individuals who retweet more than posting original thoughts. However, like I said Anita retweets in a way that makes her profile a comprehensive resource on disability related issues.

Disability Horizons (@DHorizons)

Co-editors Martyn Sibley (@martynsibley) and Srin Madipalli (@srinmadipalli) run Disability Horizons. Under the Disability Horizons banner the two individuals admirably advocate for disabilities, efforts you can keep tabs on by following @DHorizons.

*Side note: Speaking of Disability Horizons, I invite you to read their Off Balanced book review written last year by Sarah Ismail (@samedifference1). 


2 comments on “Follow Friday On Twitter

  1. Emily Ladau says:

    Thank you for the kind shout-out! I quite enjoy your blog and was excited to discover you’ve written a book! It’s officially on my ever-growing reading list!

  2. marilu3 says:

    Never knew this until today; I was recommended. I read a sample of your book, the first chapter, and now I have it in my to-read list.

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