Youtube Recommendation- Zach Anner’s Workout Wednesday

The name “Zach Anner” may sound familiar to you. In fact I’ve mentioned him on this blog before, even posting “Personality Profile: Zach Anner.” Anner’s positive mindset and hilarious wit gained him national attention two years ago, leading him to win a travel show on OWN. Well Rollin’ with Zach failed to become a sensation, lasting only one six-episode season.

That cancellation tested Zach Anner’s optimism,  a test he aced without blinking an eye. Anner turned to Youtube, metaphorically calling a redo by producing the travel show he initially envisioned. After Riding Shotgun a creative spark obviously remained within Anner, bringing us to my recommendation today.

Visit Zach Anner’s Youtube channel and watch his latest web series, Workout Wednesday. Heck, let me enable your Internet laziness. Below I embedded my two favorite Workout Wednesday videos to date.

Personally, I believe these videos blend encouragement, humor, and valuable life lessons together perfectly. What do you think? Voice your opinion. Leave a comment here.


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