Follow Friday on Twitter- October 2013

You may recall last month I decided to start a new monthly tradition on this blog. Every fourth Friday in the given month I will take Twitter’s #FF  to another level, sharing a few individuals in the cerebral palsy/disability community who prove worthwhile to follow.

Nicole Eredics (@Inclusive_Class)

Nicole Eredics hosts the weekly podcast The Inclusive Class, airing at 9:00am EST every Friday. Along with her co-host Terri Mauro (@mamatude) Nicole engages guests to develop insightful discussions about special education. By following @Inclusive_Class you will find the links to each podcast in your Twitter feed.

Disability in Sport (@DisinSport)

Disability in Sport and I connected on Twitter this week. Guess what they like to tweet about? 🙂 Through tweeting positive sports stories involving disabilities Disability in Sport sets an encouraging and uplifting presence, a presence we could all benefit from in our lives.

If You Have a Body (@ifyouhaveabody)

Like Disability in Sport and I, If You Have a Body and I connected on Twitter earlier in the week. Also like Disability in Sport, If You Have a Body spotlights sports. Specifically If You Have a Body shines their metaphorical light on athletes with disabilities. The basic premise standing if you have a body, you possess athletic potential.

4 comments on “Follow Friday on Twitter- October 2013

  1. Emily Ladau says:

    Thanks for these great recommendations for people to follow! I was already following the first two accounts, but happy to find the third one!

  2. thinkinclusive says:

    Zachary. I love this infographic. Is there anyway I can re-post this on Think Inclusive? I think it would fit very nicely.

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