Tracking New Year Resolutions: October ‘13 Recap

The fact I’m still tracking my 2013 New Year Resolutions on November 1st makes me smile. Hopefully you can say the same.

Resolution #1- Utilize My Youtube Channel Via Vlogging
Specific Goal- Vlog Twice a Month
Accomplished? YES

Again I ended up waiting to the month’s final week to produce my videos. Heck, I recorded and published the second video “Invite to Visit the Handicap This! Blog” October 31st. Yet despite my procrastination I felt confident. Achieving resolution one has become a habit over the year, producing a responsibility I can’t ignore.

By the way my first video, embedded below, received some great feedback from viewers in the video’s comment section.

Resolution #2- Post Here on a Weekly Basis
Specific Goal- Post every Friday
Accomplished? YES

Okay, I missed my post Friday, October 18th. However, I compensated for the lapse by posting Wednesday, October 30th. That averaged me to a weekly post basis. Next month I will make an extra effort to meet my specific goal. Staying one day ahead mentally will allow me to succeed. So, I need to post Friday? Then I will target completing my entry Thursday.

Resolution #3- Keep to Due Dates
Specific Goal- Don’t Receive Any Inquiries About ETAs
Accomplished? YES

In my September recap I discussed how I must better care for myself physically and return to maintaining my time management journal. These tasks keep me mentally sharp and able to meet deadlines. Showing progress on both fronts, I kept to due dates. Even a last minute rewrite couldn’t cause me to fail. Admittedly though, I thrive on last minute pressure. Therefore such a situation puts me in my element.

Now onto November!


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