Follow Friday on Twitter- November 2013

November marks my third month presenting my “Follow Friday on Twitter” posts (published the fourth Friday every month). To put my new subscribers in the loop, I use this monthly post to give explanations why you should follow (on Twitter) specific individuals in the disability community.

New! After feedback last month from children’s author Jewel Kats, I decided to include links to spotlighted individuals’ Facebook pages too.

TwitterJohn W. Quinn (@johnwquinn) Facebook:  Official Page of John W. Quinn
I first became acquainted with John Quinn a few years ago when I tweeted him to share I bought his book Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy (read my review). John’s personable attitude led us to staying connected on Facebook and Twitter. Worth noting, John tweets links to his Youtube video blog which contains many interesting thoughts.

Lisa Friedman (@JewishSpecialEd) Facebook: Jewish Special Needs Education: Removing the Stumbling Block (Group)
The blogger behind the well-respected Jewish Special Needs Education, Lisa Friedman puts together the “Jewish Special Education Daily.” If you ever need information about religion in relation to inclusion, keep tabs on this daily.

Jon Bateman (@yyc_jon) Facebook: Jon Bateman
Like John Quinn, Jon Bateman displays a personable attitude. Jon happens to also write for The Mobility Resource, as I do. Follow him to keep up on his latest articles. He surely provides insightful reads.


One comment on “Follow Friday on Twitter- November 2013

  1. Jewel Kats says:

    Yay! Thanks for following up on my request 🙂

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