Check Me Out at Think Inclusive

Last month Think Inclusive blogger Tim Villegas and I came to an agreement leading me to become Tim’s first staff writer. Think Inclusive‘s general “About Us” section defines the website pretty well.

“Think Inclusive is an online resource that promotes the full and authentic inclusion of people with disabilities in their school and communities through education and advocacy.”

First off I must say how flattered I am Tim reached out to me about acquiring my services. Previously I wrote a guest post for Think Inclusive, “Exploring the Parent-Child Dynamic within the IEP Team.” We stayed in touch via social media and obviously I stood out to him.

Like I stated in my first staff writer post “First Day: Hello My Name is Zachary,” I consider Think Inclusive an opportunity to better understand special education. Gearing my writing towards educators, a key demographic for the site, will enable me to think about learning from a teacher’s perspective.

Think Inclusive

Visit the Think Inclusive website at

Now adding me to the Think Inclusive payroll marks the start to the growth Tim envisions. More staff writers and a Think Inclusive editor will eventually come. A membership program remains the backbone to all these changes. To see what all a Think Inclusive membership entails please read Tim’s post “BREAKING NEWS: Think Inclusive is Expanding.”

Hopefully you’ll come check me out over at Think Inclusive. My posts will run every Monday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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