#CPChatNow Recap for 01-08-14


Next Live Twitter Chat: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Imagine a community where members empower each other, support one another, and remain welcoming to everyone. You just pictured #CPChatNow! 🙂 With each passing Wednesday the community strengthens and lives become increasingly enriched. Don’t simply take me at my word though. Let these highlights from last night’s live discussion demonstrate the above.

Place your anticipations to rest.

#CPChatNow Recap Anticipation

We (@johnwquinn, @HandicapThis, and I) enjoy hosting these chats in-part because the chats allow us to better connect with our audiences.

Listening to John's Audio Book

Plus we receive the chance to celebrate your success.

Celebrating Success

Through supporting each other, personal growth occurs.

Empowering Another

Such personal growth happens because we discuss powerful topics.



Some join in seeking practical advice.

Practical Advice

Others desire factual information.

Factual Information

Overall we keep a positive tone which can involve sharing laughs.

Are you a cougar?

Please join us next week. You don’t have to have cerebral palsy to chime in.

All are Welcome


Live #CPChatNow Twitter chats take place every Wednesday at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST.

Not on Twitter? Join in using the #CPChatNow Facebook page.


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