Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2014

People wore green on March 25th to promote CP awareness.

The most recent picture wearing green (color for cerebral palsy) I could find (my 21st birthday).

Ironic I consider Off Balanced a cerebral palsy blog but yet I remained absent from posting here nearly all March, celebrated as CP Awareness Month. Finally though I’m in general returning to form, looking to recapture my progress from last year and build momentum.

Speaking about 2013, last March I issued a challenge for Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. At my challenge’s root I questioned exactly how much CP awareness spreads. Yeah, we in the cerebral palsy community know and care about Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month but what about everyone else?

Does CP Awareness Month educate the bouncer who rejects a patron with CP from entering a bar because the bouncer mistakes the patron for a drunk? Does Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month lessen the awkward gazes onlookers give persons using walkers or wheelchairs?

Thanks to starting #CPChatNow this past December with John W. Quinn and Tim Wambach I feel better able to assess Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month’s effectiveness. Particularly this past week saw many CP Awareness initiatives due to Tuesday, March 25th receiving designation as National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.

Let me give a few examples. On the 25th Alex Yurchak wore a cerebral palsy awareness shirt to work, leading to him educating his co-workers on CP. John shared he wore a green tie to yoga remarking “Talk about a conversation starter.” Blake Showers ambitiously promoted CP Awareness around his school.

So yes, I believe we can declare Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month a success. At the very least National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day succeeded spreading awareness.

Personally, I geared my efforts to the month overall. I used my position as Handicap This Productions Guest Blog Coordinator to spotlight guest bloggers with CP. Take some time to read those please.

Additionally I recorded a video blog discussing how I might survive a zombie apocalypse with cerebral palsy. Through a video like that I see potential to educate Walking Dead fans on cerebral palsy.

Once people outside the CP community become familiar with the term cerebral palsy many resources exist for them to learn more. Resources ranging from Josh Blue’s comedy and Handicap This’ stage show to documentaries and CP memoirs like mine Off Balanced.

Watch, read, and grow aware.