Letter to Me- A Brad Paisley Inspired Post

Music played an important role in penning my teenage memoir Off Balanced a few years back. To recapture my teenage mindset I listened to songs which in high school I somehow related to. For instance, “Outside” by Staind and “Let Me Go” by Three Doors Down. Songs providing a general retrospect on high school earned their way onto my playlist too. As today’s post’s title suggests, the latter included “Letter to Me” by Brad Paisley.

“Letter to Me” really embodies a cool concept, an adult Brad Paisley writing a letter containing valuable retrospect wisdom to his 17-year old self.  My initial motive to write Off Balanced maintained similar sentiments, aiming to let current adolescents with cerebral palsy learn from my experiences during adolescence. Now I want to follow Brad Paisley’s lead and actually write that letter to me. Enjoy!


Dear Zach,

Hello from the future, specifically 2014. Knowing you, you’ll want proof I am really future Zach. How else could I know you derived your AIM password from George Thorogood’s song “Bad to the Bone?” Now onto what I want to tell you.

Man, this feels a little awkward. The advice I can give could leave you enjoying your teenage years so much more. Yet at the same time said advice (spoiler alert) seriously compromises a book you end up writing, Off Balanced. Yes, you become a published author. Holding back on my wisdom feels like the right approach. I trust the sacrifice will serve worthwhile. Sorry!

Don’t worry, I will share some retrospect insights with you. You know how sometimes at work you see Alex? Oops, you’ll know him as Steve (Dumas). You talk for a few minutes and you say “I’ll give you a call sometime and we’ll hang out.” Actually call him! You will want to create many memories together.

Also, follow through when you tell Papa you may use some paid vacation time from work to go out to visit him and the Tucson family contingent. Time will limit the opportunities for purely joyous trips out west.

Well I believe the above strikes a fair balance between preserving your future and enriching your now. Make me proud!