Online Work Success Story

Not driving causes obstacles, some which the Internet can help circumvent. For example, non-drivers like me remain at a disadvantage finding work. Thankfully I possess abilities I can implement online to work and make money. In fact my non-driver status heavily influenced my decision five years ago to pursue freelance writing.

Within those previous five years writing on a freelance basis I learned new skills, many revolving around different social media platforms. Prior to freelancing I knew little about social media. Outside Facebook and an abandoned Myspace page I didn’t exist on social networking sites.

Handicap This promotes Zachary Fenell to Online Relationship Manager

Screenshot capturing the announcement about my promotion.

Fast forward half a decade and Handicap This Productions (HTP) announces my promotion to Online Relationship Manager. Talk about an online work success story! How did I go from a social media novice to someone a respectable company trusts to expand their online presence?

The answer includes past clients and self-publishing my teen memoir Off Balanced. The now defunct Disaboom pretty much mandated their writers share their work on two platforms. So I ended up creating a Twitter account (@zacharyfenell). A conference call Disaboom held provided advice on how to use Twitter. Additionally I learned through trial and error.

In late 2012 Special Education Guide became my first client to request I join Google+. Seeing how well Twitter worked out for me, I welcomed Google+. Google Hangouts alone makes Google+ worthwhile.

Researching publishing made evident to me my best chance to reach readers as a self-published author involved social media. The more I put myself out there on social networking sites the more dialogue I could start or partake in. Over time I began my blog here, expanded my Twitter following, joined various author groups on LinkedIn, and regularly uploaded video blogs to my Youtube channel.

Overall a motto Tim Wambach and Mike Berkson often say comes to mind “Improvise, adapt, overcome.” When set upon graduating college I improvised to adapt and overcome my transportation challenges by focusing on freelancing. Freelancing I improvised to adapt and overcome the populous Internet by sharpening my social media capabilities. That positioned me to become HTP’s Online Relationship Manager and tell others my online work success story.

Please offer your own online work success story by commenting below.

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