Concert Going with Cerebral Palsy

A couple weeks back during the weekly live Twitter chat #CPChatNow (Wednesdays 8pm EST), I asked a question “How does your body hold up during concerts?” The question seemed fitting seeing how concert going feels like a summertime tradition. Below you’ll find select responses.

Answers to how does your body hold up at concerts?Answer to how does your body hold up during concerts

Interestingly enough I find parallels to my concert experiences within Blemi, Hannah, and Kate’s feedback. Those similarities vary largely based on the concert venue. Last year I saw Tim McGraw play at Blossom Music Center. My friends and I bought lawn seat tickets. Knowing Blossom’s lawn seats lay on a steep grassy hill I decided to bring my cane. I wanted to enjoy myself, not worry about my balance.

Lee Brice

Lee Brice performing at House of Blues Cleveland.

Then in November I saw Lee Brice perform at House of Blues Cleveland. Brice sold out the venue, creating a packed house. Standing for so long without a wall or anything to lean on also left me “paying for it” the next day. Heck, I felt the impact walking back to the car. My entire lower half ached.

Another challenge the crowded House of Blues Cleveland presented occurred during the show. Staying balanced becomes difficult amidst a shoulder to shoulder crammed environment. People accidentally knock into you. If not for friends to grab when needed, I would’ve fallen I’m certain.

Ironically despite the venue proving the more difficult one physically, I actually preferred House of Blues. You experience the artist in a closer proximity. Just look at the Lee Brice picture I snapped for evidence. I could never get such a shot with my current camera from Blossom’s lawn seats.

Obviously buying tickets closer to Blossom’s stage exists as an option, but one my budget dislikes. Rather than diving into the financial factors involved in concert going, I will digress. Let us concentrate on the cerebral palsy related variables.

You now know my insights. Time for others with CP to share, how does cerebral palsy influence your concert going? Do your experiences compare to mind? Or, perhaps like Susanne you avoid concerts due to obstructed views. Do tell by commenting below.


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