Personality Profile: Zach Anner

With us less then 24 hours away from the debut airing of Rollin’ with Zach (NOT ME, a different Zach) on OWN there seems no more appropriate person to profile here at Off Balanced than the man himself Zach Anner.For anyone unfamiliar with Anner, the new television star made his presence known to America during the summer of 2010 with an audition tape (watch here) to win his own show on OWN, Opera Winfrey Network. The video quickly gained enormous support, even catching musician John Mayer’s attention who volunteered to (and did) supply Anner a theme song for his show. Now before I move on, I really want to encourage you to click the link to the audition tape because despite how talented I am as a writer, you should really witness Zach Anner yourself.

Zach Anner

Zach Anner's wheelchair lives in his personality's shadow.

You watched the video? Good! You saw how through his animated humorous personality Zach Anner makes his wheelchair and cerebral palsy become secondary to his person. Back in June of this year I included Anner in an article titled “Role Models with Cerebral Palsy” for this exact reason. Zach Anner not only breaks the mold  for what a person with a disability should be but he reshapes the broken plaster into structures which will get you to roar in laughter. Anner doesn’t appear as a “victim” or “sufferer” of cerebral palsy. Instead he benefits from the disability, embracing what he calls “the sexiest of the palsies” to bring out the best of himself. I sincerely believe disabled and able-bodied folks alike can learn a lot from Zach.

Rollin’ with Zach debuts on OWN at 8:00pm ET Monday, December 12th with a double dose of episodes. At 8:00pm Rollin’ with Zach follows Anner to Los Angeles, CA and at 8:30pm Anner visits Chicago, IL. Will you be watching? Me? I already have my DVR set. 🙂

P.S. Make sure to checkout Zach Anner on Twitter at @zachanner. Heck, while signed into Twitter you might want to follow me too at @zacharyfenell.