Personality Profile: DJ Gregory

Over the past few years I’ve learned about various individuals with cerebral palsy whose stories help inspire me to keep pursuing my own ambitions. The first inspirational injection came in late 2009 before I even setup a Google Alerts email for the term “cerebral palsy.” My aunt forwarded  me the following video:

What do you think? I’m not a golf fan but DJ Gregory’s story still grabbed my attention because I could relate to so many of the things discussed in the video. Since eight years old I’ve held  a passion for baseball but I never played Little League at my parents’ request. If you’ve read my book Off Balanced, you know why. 🙂

Anyways, I empathize with Gregory’s love for sports but inability to play them. While I’m not into golf, I do enjoy the opportunity to play ping pong or go bowling. However, I’d describe my skill level at these activities the same way DJ describes his golf game, “It sucks.” Still, just participating in physical activity provides certain fulfillment.

Bowling balls at a bowling ally

I went bowling last year on my birthday and my highest score was 45. The alcohol in my system might have helped contribute to my low scores though. 😉

Moving on I became further impressed with DJ Gregory when my Google Alerts “cerebral palsy” emails brought the golfer’s disability advocacy efforts to my attention. In 2009 Gregory started the Walking for Kids charity. His charity aims to raise funds for different children’s activities. For instance DJ Gregory donated $26,000 to Ability First, a sports camp for kids with disabilities. For details on Walking for Kids visit

Finally, you’ll notice on the website DJ Gregory, like me, is a published author. I have not read Gregory’s book Walking with Friends but out of eight Amazon customer reviews the book averages four stars out of five. Walking with Friends details Gregory’s adventures on the PGA Tour.