How to Gift an e-Book

If you find yourself gift shopping for an avid reader, consider gifting e-books. Both Kindle and Nook books feature a gifting option. As you will see from the directions below, the process proves rather simple.

Gifting a Kindle Book

1. Go to the sales page for the Kindle book you wish to gift.

2. Click the “Give as a Gift” button, located on the right-hand side beneath the “Buy now with 1-click” button.

Gift a Kindle Book

3. A form will load asking for the recipient’s e-mail address and date you wish to have your gift delivered on. Personalize the gift by including a short message 300 characters or less. You can adjust your payment option on the screen’s right-hand side. After you finish click “Place your order” at the bottom of the page.

Gifting a Nook Book

1. Just like the Kindle instructions, go to the sales page for the book you wish to gift.

2. Click “Buy As Gift,” located next to the “Buy Now” button.

Gift a Nook Book

3. Fill out the form which includes the recipient’s e-mail address, re-typing the e-mail address for confirmation, your name, the recipient’s name, and a personalized message (maximum 250 characters). Click “Submit” once completed.

But… what if I don’t know the person’s e-mail address?

Go to the person’s Facebook page. Click “About,” located under the cover image. Scan his or her “About” page for an e-mail address. Or, create a rouse so you can ask the person for his or her e-mail without giving away the real reason behind the question. For example, say you want to forward the person an e-mail you think he or she will find interesting.

On a final note, maybe you will want to gift my memoir Off Balanced to someone.

Off Balanced explores how my mild cerebral palsy affected me socially through adolescence. Checkout the following excerpts to determine if Off Balanced may interest someone on your holiday shopping list.

Watch the Off Balanced cyber reading, highlighting a section from chapter four “My First Crush.”

Read a selection from chapter six “Not Enough” (courtesy Rebelle Society).

View a reenacted scene from chapter eight “Culmination.”


Upcoming Events, Including First Book Giveway!

Exciting events will take place over the next two weeks, creating the need for this very special Monday post. Plus Friday marks exactly two years since I released Off Balanced on the Kindle and Nook. To commemorate the occasion I will use Friday to write a reflection on my publishing experiences to date. Anyways back to the aforementioned exciting events!


Join us on Twitter Wednesday, December 11th at 8pm EST by using the hashtag “#CPChatNow.”

Wednesday, December 11th (This Wednesday) 8:00pm EST- The Second Live Twitter Chat #CPChatNow
I’m pleased to report the first live Twitter cerebral palsy chat #CPChatNow went extremely well last Tuesday (December 3rd). In fact the event went so well, John Quinn (@johnwquinn), Handicap This! (@HandicapThis), and I (@zacharyfenell) decided to hold another live Twitter chat this week. Please join us on Twitter Wednesday, December 11th at 8:00pm EST (7pm CST, 5pm PST) by utilizing the hashtag “#CPChatNow.” Checkout the Handicap This! blog for highlights from the first chat, “#CPChatNow Overview.”

Tuesday, December 17th 7:00pm EST- Webinar “Finding Your Way: Transitioning from High School to College”
On Tuesday, December 17th at 7:00pm EST Parent to Parent of Georgia will host a webinar for high school students with disabilities preparing to transition to the college level. I’m honored Parent to Parent of Georgia asked me to serve as a panelist during the webinar “Finding Your Way: Transitioning from High School to College.” Expect to hear my advice based off my college experience at Notre Dame College. The webinar possesses limited seating so register today.

Friday, December 20th 5:00pm EST Deadline- First Ever Off Balanced Giveaway!

Calling all Kindle and Nook owners! I’m happy to announce the first ever Off Balanced giveaway. I will give away one copy (via gifting) to a Kindle or Nook owner. Rules for the contest follow.

Zachary Fenell's Youtube Channel

My Youtube videos vary on topics from sports and writing to disabilities and more.

1. Anytime between right now and Friday, December 20th 5:00pm EST visit my Youtube channel.

2. Choose a video that interests you and watch all the way through.

3. Once finished leave an insightful comment. Nothing like “I’m commenting to win a copy of Off Balanced.” Engage in the ideas my video contains.

4. At the end of your comment put in parentheses your e-book device (Kindle or Nook) and a social media platform to contact you on. For example a valid entry might look like: “Thanks for sharing your experiences with LinkedIn. I personally have found success with LinkedIn by liking my connections’ updates. (Kindle owner, you can contact me on Twitter at [Enter Twitter Handle])”

I will select a winner randomly and contact the winner using the social media platform he or she included within his or her Youtube comment. Good luck and thanks for your participation!

Book News: New Five-Star Customer Reviews

During the first week in September Off Balanced picked up two new five-star Amazon customer reviews. This gives Off Balanced six total Amazon customer reviews, with the overall ranking averaging out to four-and-a-half stars out of five stars. So, what did the two latest reviewers like about my teen memoir? Read on!

Reviewer: Valerie Caraotta
“Inspiring real life account on beating the challenges of life”

Valerie Caraotta focuses her review on elements which transcend the cerebral palsy community and disability community, identifying lessons from my book she deems universal. For instance, “realizing the only real limitations are what you place on yourself.” Perhaps the following quote best summarizes her customer review.

“This is more than a book about Zachary Fenell but a book about principles and life decisions we all have to make whether in the valley of despair or on the housetop.”

Now I did gift Caraotta a copy of Off Balanced for her to review after we connected on Linked In. As a Top 1000 Amazon reviewer her opinions maintain extra credibility. I very much appreciate the time and effort she put into reading and reviewing my memoir.

Reviewer: Kathleen Statham
“OFF BALANCED: Reviewed by Kathleen Statham (freelance writer)”

Words you will find within Kathleen Statham’s Off Balanced review includes “matter-of-fact, humorous, humble” and “wonderfully inspiring.” The review really builds off her first sentence.

“This is a wonderfully inspiring memoir about the odyssey of a young man with cerebral palsy during a significant time of life between age 14 and his senior year in college.”

TMR Logo

I interviewed Kathleen Statham for The Mobility Resource and I will write a book review for BECOMING WARRIOR WOMAN.

Interestingly enough, like Valerie Caraotta, Kathleen Statham and I connected on Linked In. We belong to the same writer’s group where I learned about her cancer memoir BECOMING WARRIOR WOMAN. She decided to check out Off Balanced after I purchased her book. Currently I’m working on a book review/interview on BECOMING WARRIOR WOMAN for The Mobility Resource. Make sure to stay tuned for that at

*Remember Barnes & Noble customers, Off Balanced also remains available for the Nook. I encourage you to buy Off Balanced whether for your Kindle or Nook, enjoy the read, and share opinions with your very own customer review.

Thank You to My Book Readers

This week I want to take the time to thank those who purchased Off Balanced for their Kindles. As I discuss in the following Youtube video (initially published last weekend), due to your support my Amazon Best Sellers rank hit five figures. Sure five figures may not seem too thrilling but I believe well over a million books remain available on the world’s most popular e-reader. That should help you put my excitement into perspective.

Like I mention in my video though, selling Kindle books proves a competitive task. My Amazon Best Sellers rank for Off Balanced continued to drop lower in the six figures throughout the week. Still I stand confident I will return to five figure ranking status, eventually coming to maintain sales levels to keep me there.

Off Balanced Product Information

On Saturday, July 20th, 2013 Off Balanced ranked 96, 928 amongst Amazon Best Sellers on the Kindle.

Also touched upon in my “Thank You to My Readers” Youtube video, the opportunity to reach an increasing audience feeds my passion to improve my Amazon Best Sellers rank. Just this week I interviewed fellow author Margaret Lesh for The Mobility Resource. Margaret happened to purchase my book last week.

During our conversation she shared how Off Balanced enables her to learn about cerebral palsy, a rather unknown topic to her previously. Now I interviewed Margaret because I’m writing a book review/article on her book Let Me Get This Off My Chest, a memoir on surviving breast cancer twice. Stay tune to The Mobility Resource for my review!

Returning to the subject at hand, feedback such as I received from Margaret and other readers motivates me to continue promoting Off Balanced. So once again thank you to everyone (Kindle and Nook readers both) who purchased Off Balanced. Your support energizes me with an enriching enthusiasm.

Have you yet to read Off Balanced? Consider purchasing my teen memoir for your Kindle or Nook today!

Off Balanced on the Kindle (in the UK, in Canada)

Off Balanced on the Nook (UK readers click here)

KDP Books Now Available in Canada and Brazil

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service expanded authors’ global reach this past week, making KDP titles available  in Canada and Brazil. Personally I’m very excited for the opportunity to expand my international readership even further, specifically to our neighbors up north. Beyond the United States Off Balanced already maintains sales in the United Kingdom and India.

America map

Amazon’s KDP program expands to include Canada and Brazil. Good news for authors! Photo: Wikimedia Commons user Faigl.ladislav

Interestingly enough I spent previous marketing efforts focused on Canadian online outlets. You might recall my disABLEd guy’s guest post “The Disability-Inspiration Correlation,” a top viewed post on that blog. Plus while an American domain name, Life of the Differently Abled emanates from Canada. You can read my previous Life of the Differently Abled posts, “How Cerebral Palsy Helped Shape My Work Ethic” and “Online Dating and Cerebral Palsy.” A brief side note, I will submit my third guest post to this blog shortly so expect something published before 2012 comes to a close.

Basically I ask if you enjoy my work around the web, consider purchasing Off Balanced. Now remains a great time too because the 50% off holiday sale still stands. To encourage readers to check out Off Balanced or gift the book, I reduced the normal list price from $5.99 (USD) to $2.99 (USD).

Need more convincing to buy soon? Read Canadian author Neil Matheson’s Off Balanced review, “Off Balanced {A Book Review}.” Matheson penned Daddy Bent-Legs, which I reviewed last year for Yahoo! Voices. Take a look!